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Faith: 3 Keys to Success

Have faith.

I spend quite a bit of time with small business owners and startup entrepreneurs.  As I listen to them talk, and watch them in action, one of the things that becomes apparent between those who are succeeding and those that are struggling is whether they really ‘believe’.

‘Faith’ or ‘Belief’ have different meanings for different people, but the reality is that for small business owners, you simply can’t get from starting out to succeeding without believing that you can do it.

Sure you need skill, sure you need intelligence, understanding and a ton of other things, but at your foundation that you absolutely must have, is faith in 3 things.


1. Faith in Your Idea

No matter what problem you’re solving, there’s going to come a time when you simply have to walk off the ledge, roll the dice.  To be fair, there’s going to be many times when you have to do that. It’s par for the course and you just have to get used to it. It’s not easy, it’s not comfortable, but it’s necessary and EVERY entrepreneur experiences it. It’s normal, so just get used to it.


2. Faith in Your Team

As you grow any idea, you’re going to build a team.  You need to build a great one so choose carefully, because you’re going to need to trust them, trust in their ability and trust that their character and integrity will drive your dream forward, and take it toward its goal, each and every day.  Some employees won’t inspire your trust or belief, and when you recognize that you have to make a decision, especially in the early stages.Your dream is too fragile to succeed unless you believe in every single member of your team.

You can think you can carry them through but you can’t, so don’t waiver, don’t shrink down, but stand tall, make the decisions you need to make and then believe in the people you hired to do what you hired them to do.  When you get it right, it will be an honor to watch them work.


3. Faith in Yourself

Ultimately, you’re going to need to believe in yourself.  You wouldn’t be where you are unless you could do what you’ve done.  This idea might work, but it might not.  The end result is irrelevant and you have to accept that.  Great business people fail many times in life and take the lessons while moving on.  This might be a failure lesson, or it might be your big win.  We won’t know until a few months down the road.

What’s important, is that to give your idea any chance of success YOU have to believe.  You have to believe you can do it.  You have to believe it’s worth it.  You have to believe you can succeed and you have to believe you’re the only one that can execute it as well as it needs to be.  I’m not talking about arrogance, but if you’re doubting, if you’re wondering then everyone else is going to sense it, and you’re going to fail.

I want to encourage you today as you’re working on your dream, that where you stand today is all that matters for your development and growth.  Where you stand tomorrow, is down to whether you believe in how you arrived at today.

Life isn’t perfect, the entrepreneur roller coaster can sometimes be a rough ride, but don’t give up, don’t stop believing in yourself and don’t stop believing in your ideas.  You just might be the one to break the mold and make it work, and for that, I thank you in advance, and stand behind you cheering you on!

Be Amazing,