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Ready for overflow?

I’m not the sentimental type. ‘Special days’ don’t stand out through the focus of hustling and growing a business but for this new year, (which also happens to be a new decade), I find myself feeling a little different than before, dripping with excitement and anticipation of the year, and the years to come.

It’s not that the 10’s were that bad, or the 00’s before them. The journey of life brings a roller coaster to us all as we deal with surprises, disappointments, challenges, successes and so on. But I can honestly say that in my 40 something years of life I’ve never looked forward with such anticipation and belief that things are going to be different. Better. Bigger. More amazing!

At church this morning the preacher spoke about the feeding of the 5000, a story that most people are familiar with, but today, for the first time I saw a focal point I hadn’t seen before. As he spoke about the leftover baskets the question was simply asked, ‘If God is almighty, and capable of doing anything, why didn’t he stop multiplying the food once everyone was fed instead of overflowing into 12 more baskets?” After all, he’s a precision master when you look at the Universe he created’.

Fair question I figured, and an interesting one at that because we tend to think of God in human, limited terms (because that’s how we see ourselves) and not in supernatural, unlimited terms. We think “Why the waste? Why the excess? Why the leftovers?” but in response to the supreme being in the Universe who can do anything and has everything at his disposal, we should be asking “Why not?”

It’s not a waste if he can make it never end.

It’s no more effort to create more than necessary than it was to create enough because he didn’t exert himself in any way to do that. It didn’t cost him anything. It didn’t take anything special for him to do it. It was as easy and natural for God as breathing air in and out is for us. You want to breathe a little faster and harder? Go for it! It’s yours to do. It’s kind of like worrying about spending an extra $10 when he has a money printing machine in his garage. It just changes everything about the way you value the $10.

In some ways it showed me that after believing in him for almost my entire life, I still have little grasp on just how far removed he is from us. Just how big, and powerful he is, and how unlimited he really is compared us.

Most of all, it’s helped me refocus and re-calibrate my goals and ideas about this next year and next decade, as I look expectantly to what God wants to do in my life and the lives of those I can touch and influence as an entrepreneur, a do-gooder with Gabriel, and as a husband and father to my family. I know that starting the 10’s, I had no idea this is where I’d be at the end of the decade. Going into the 20’s, I’m not making the same mistake again by limiting my thinking. Please don’t limit yours.


Image courtesy of @makenamedia via Twenty2