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It’s not me, it’s him.

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It’s not you, it’s me. We’ve all heard the phrase most commonly used in a break up. The idea that it’s not something the other person has done or is doing, but rather it’s something about us, me, that’s changed or isn’t working.

In our Spiritual journey, the opposite is often true. It’s not me, it’s him, Jesus, who is responsible for so much. The Bible tells us that he’s the one who holds the world in his hands. He makes the sun rise and set. He breathes life into our lungs. He guides our steps and straightens our path and it’s this perspective that we sometimes miss, when we think we’re the ones responsible for our success.

We get carried away thinking it’s our intelligence that caused us to win big, forgetting that intelligence comes from a mind created by him. We start to think we can do it all on our own, that we’ve figured out the ‘magical formula’ for whatever success looks like in lives and business. But we haven’t, and we can’t, because the magic comes from him.

Psalm 1:3 says that the person who spends time with him, thinking on his word is like “trees planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season. Their leaves never wither, and they prosper in all they do.”

We can’t ‘bear fruit’ with leaves that never wither. Leaves are designed to wither and replenish unless something magical happens. But with him, because of him, we can.

just like the garden of Eden, God wants to walk with us daily. In our normal routine and the ups and downs of business. He didn’t set us up just to leave us to it, he set us up so he could walk with us through it. Side by side on our journey that was supposed to draw us closer to him, give us a stronger appreciation for his provision and ultimately deepen our understanding of what it means for him to be our provider.

I’m unbelievably humbled and grateful for his goodness and generosity, that has led me to this place. Now more than ever, I recognize that any success I enjoy is not because of me, but because of him and his greatness.