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We’re better together, especially now.

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  • Post last modified:March 15, 2020
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I love stories. The older I get the more I love them. Whether it’s a movie, a person or a book, stories are just plain interesting (as long as they’re good ones!). As this week has unfolded I was reminded of a story Jesus told a couple thousand years ago which Keith Green turned into an incredible song (here if you haven’t heard it but be warned, you’ll need your shock absorbers on before listening!)

The story was pretty simple and is referred to nowadays as ‘The Sheep and The Goats’. Essentially, there were people that helped others in need and Jesus thanked them, letting them know that when they helped others, he viewed it as though they were helping him because he loves people, and that’s his thing. The opposite was true for those that didn’t help.

During times like this where there’s much uncertainty, fear and a little panic thrown in I wanted to offer some help in one way that I can, through WorkLodge, my coworking business.

Our locations in North Houston and central Dallas will be open and operational for as long as we’re able (we’re keeping them super clean and as many members have chosen to work from home, crowds aren’t an issue) because we know how critical it is for the 99% (bet you didn’t know that 99% of all businesses in the US that qualify as a small business).

  • If you need to send over documents for someone to pick up, just email them to us and we’ll print, organize, envelope and wait for the pickup.
  • If you need to receive a package let us know, and we’ll keep it safe.
  • If you need hundreds of copies of a presentation to prepare for something big we can help, we’ll print, collate, sort and bind, just tell us how and we’ll make it happen.
  • If you just need to connect with others because you’re stir crazy at home, pop in for an hour, reach out through our social channels.
  • If you need great wifi just pull up and stay in your car, ours will reach outside no problem. Or even better, come in, we promise it’ll be sanitized.

We’re here for you and want to help.

We’re a small business too, and we get it.

If there’s any way we can help you and/or your business;

Stay operational
Stay profitable and
Stay healthy

We want to help. So please reach out and let us know how. This isn’t just an offer to our members, but our entire, local, business community. We care about your business success, we care about the impact this current situation could have in our communities and we believe that together, we can be better and do better than by ourselves.

Be amazing!