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The strangest Easter Sunday ever

It’s a strange Easter Sunday this year as we deal with COVID-19 and actually attend our Easter services via video, in our PJs (or at least in your PJs if you’re like me!). It’s also the best Easter Sunday in that I actually was able to watch multiple Easter services (or parts of), listening to different people speaking about Jesus and the empty tomb.

However, perhaps the best Easter message I heard this year wasn’t on Easter Sunday at all, but was actually a couple of weeks ago when I was watching a preacher on tv who made the comment that ‘Creation cost God nothing’. All he had to do was have an idea and then speak out to create. It was no effort for him. No challenge for him and took no time at all.

Knowing that humans and free will would result in sin, he still went ahead and created. With a plan to fix it by saving us through his son, Jesus. That salvation plan is perhaps the most amazing piece of Biblical history because it means that when he created, he already knew that the price to save his creation was everything. He’d have to change his very existence for a time as one third of the trinity was somehow, no longer with the other two while he lived on earth.

For Jesus, he knew that not only would he have to come here to reveal himself, but he’d have to be mistreated and killed, suffering an incredibly painful death and being separated from God Spiritually, as well as physically. If only for a moment, it would be a moment like no other. To save a creation so small and insignificant in the grand scheme of the universe, and yet so important to him and close to his heart.

As we celebrate Easter Sunday today at home, for the first time in my entire memorable life, it struck me with a continued sense of awe of what it meant for him to bright salvation to the world.

We didn’t earn it. We sure didn’t deserve it. We didn’t even seem to want it and we definitely didn’t recognize it. Yet love made a way in the hope that one day we would. That one day we could and that one day we’d realize, that we should accept his free gift of salvation.

It’s always been all about Jesus. But never more so than today.