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3 things to remember while building a business on your faith DNA

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Combining faith with life is one of those things that we talk about, think about and probably even think we’re living out, when in reality, it seems to be far more complicated than the simple idea that it is.

Over the years, I’ve tried to figure out what it means to ‘do everything as if I’m doing it for Jesus’ and apply faith to my professional life, but I’ve found it harder than expected to live out.

Look, there’s a story Jesus told about what to do when someone asks you for a jacket (hint: give it to them). But how does that translate into business when someone does the same? Right now, I’m writing during COVID-19 and there’s definitely some folks that are asking for ‘help’ from my customer base, but how do I maintain a healthy business if I help them all? I can’t just discount everything and live on a prayer (to quote Bon Jovi), when my commitments are due. My business is incredibly capital intensive for a small business. We make large investments in infrastructure, and sign large, long leases. None of those things are conducive (or flexible) to losing revenue even in a temporary time frame.

Or how do you ‘serve’ your customers and team, when you know that one of them is taking advantage of that servant heart philosophy? How do we apply these principles and challenge ourselves to be different. I’d genuinely love to hear your thoughts and how you’ve navigated the tough questions, because I haven’t figured it out by any stretch, and haven’t found that many people having the same conversation.

What I have found, is 3 key thoughts that are helping me along the way.

Accept I don’t have it figured out.

Every time I find myself asking a tough question, I have to be ready to accept that applying the principle or thought in practice, might not be something I can figure out at this time. It’s not that I’m not trying, but the answer may simply not be that easy to implement, or could have other repercussions that just can’t be overlooked.

Keep pressing in TO figure it out.

Just because I can’t find a solution doesn’t mean I should stop trying. I want to live out my faith in my life and business in as authentic a way as possible. If I miss the mark today, it shouldn’t stop me trying to do better tomorrow. I need to keep trying, and keep pressing to allow the uncomfortableness of the unknown continue to mold and shape my future.

 There are other folks out there ahead of me.

I’m not alone. I know there are others out there that have the same thoughts I’m having. The key for me is to find a way to connect with them because this journey and conversation IS unique, and learning together would be incredibly valuable.

So how about you? Do you think about a Biblical framework or foundation as you make decisions around the day to day of your business and life? Do you find it easy to apply those principles in your situation? Do you ever struggle with how to live out a concept that you know is true?

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