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Living the Dream

Top 25 Podcast - Mike Thakur

This week’s podcast episode gives more behind the scenes information on why Mike and his wife Linda started nonprofit work. Way back when, (okay not that far back), Mike and Linda were two college students from a small village with a big dream; to change lives. Because helping children was one of their key focal areas, they agreed on the idea of building an orphanage. Fast forward present-day, they’ve built 3 orphanages using the profit from their business; WorkLodge.



The simple fact that Mike and Linda had the mind, body, and soul capable of building orphanages for children, proves just how willing they are to take care of their people. Because they wanted to do it, they were able to make it happen. At the beginning of this process, neither Mike nor Linda knew how to build an orphanage or even where to start. This is when Shark Tank saved the day. There on the television played an episode of a partnership between two companies that managed to get an orphanage built in India. Can you see the light bulb?

Mike and Linda were determined to partner with this company to get an orphanage built. Soon after, Linda flew out for the grand opening of their first orphanage. Mike paints this picture of the road to paradise as these children arrive at their new orphanage with house parents ready to take care of them. These children finally have this home that helps them with schoolwork and feeds them. It’s beautiful to imagine.


This is what Mike and Linda Thakur are about. This is what WorkLodge is about. This is their culture and their DNA. They help people who cannot help themselves. They even help people who can help themselves. Mike and Linda created a business where people can work and succeed, turn around and use that profit to build orphanages for children. This dream Mike and Linda have achieved started about two decades ago and we get to watch it grow. And there’s still more to do and more people to help.



WorkLodge sends this message to their members:

“We’ve got to be able to find a way to help people who don’t have the means to help themselves. We want to communicate this to our customers, partners, neighbors, our Lodger family outside and inside the office, we want everyone to understand; this is the kind of people you are doing business with.”


– Introduction of Mike and Linda’s dream to build an orphanage.
– Making the dreams of building an orphanage come true. How Mike and Linda were able to help not 50, not 100, but 150 kids.
– What Worklodge’s culture and DNA are. What that means exactly, and what they stand for.
– The message Worklodge sends to all its members who decide to purchase an office from them. Notifying the followers and members what the profit goes toward. 


“Have an abundance mindset.” – Mike Thakur

“We don’t just do things because we want something back. We don’t just help people because we have to or its expected, we genuinely ENJOY helping other people.” – Mike Thakur

“There could be someone out there waiting for you to step out of your comfort zone and do something amazing.” – Mike Thakur

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