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Be Amazing in Everything You Do

Mike is back again on the Mike Thakur Show to talk about people, profit, and purpose. He opens up this week’s podcast with a question, “Do you do things FOR your customers or do you do things TO your customers?”. This week, the topic in question is what is excellent customer service and how do we, as entrepreneurs, present it to our customers. Mike is here to talk about excellent customer service and how his company, Worklodge, continues to treat its customers with outstanding service. 


Mike references “Setting the Table” a book written by the CEO of Shake Shack, Danny Meyer. In this book, Meyer writes about many occasions where excellent customer service was performed by Shake Shack employees. He lets the readers know that Shake Shack employees are trained to be agents that look for solutions to people’s problems; not just people who flip burgers and fry fries. A great quote comes from this book that reads,

“Hospitality is present when something happens for you but it is absent when something happens to you.”

This is the quote that I want to circle my mind when I am servicing customers at my job. It’s important to note the difference between someone doing something for me rather than them doing something to me. It is something that I didn’t think of in this way until I listened to this podcast. 


After referencing “Setting the Table”, Mike mentions that as entrepreneurs, we’ve got a job to deliver our customers what we promised them. Not only do we need to deliver what we promised, but we’ve also got to keep thinking of ways we can better their experience with us. 

One way Mike has been able to better the customer’s experience is through updating the keyless entry to offices. After watching about 10 customers needing assistance to enter their offices, after forgetting their keys, he thought to himself: you can’t forget a code or fingerprint-like you can a key. The idea to incorporate biometric entry into his offices came about. Now, thanks to the new upcoming feature, customers can enter their offices simply using a code or fingerprint instead of having to remember a key to the office every day.


Now that we’ve pinpointed what outstanding customer service is and how to keep delivering it to our customers, we have measure what works and what doesn’t. If we, as entrepreneurs, aren’t sure what’s working with our customers and what isn’t, we won’t be able to fine-tune our customer service skills. How you’d like to measure customer service success is completely up to you. Whether it’s handing out surveys, having a process of checking with your customers, or even measuring who is staying with you at your business. What works for you is more important.


-Introduction to what this podcast is about. What customer service is and what excellent customer service looks like. Mention of Danny Meyer, CEO of Shake Shack’s book.

-Going into more depth on the book Danny Meyer wrote. He explains that doing something FOR your customer instead of TO your customer is two widely different things. 

-The importance of delivering what was promised to your customers. How Mike has been able to update systems at his company Worklodge to continue delivering success.

-The importance of measuring what works and what doesn’t for your customers. What keeps that customer coming back for more business?


“Do something because it’s the right thing to do, not because someone TOLD you to or because you HAD to do it, do it because it feels good.”- Mike Thakur

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