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Walking the Path: How Business and Faith are Intertwined

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We’re all trying to figure out that elusive balance – a way to fuse profit with purpose in our day-to-day lives. For entrepreneurs, with their hard-charging tendencies, the alchemy can be that just a little  more challenging and it’s  a topic I never tire of exploring. That’s  why it was such a pleasure to dive deep with Tim Winders, a successful performance coach and podcast host, who recounts how life has taken him up, down and finally into the light we all seek.

Tim’s Story

In 2008, Tim and his wife were living the dream. They had three businesses valued at more than seven figures each, plus $15 million in real estate and a 6,000 square foot showcase home with the Ritz Carlton as a neighbor. He thought of himself as a godly man living a fundamentally spiritual life, but “now I look back and I didn’t have a clue.” His education wasn’t long in coming. Just a few years later Tim and his wife were homeless, living in a van with less than $100 in the bank. How did he come back from bankruptcy and the loss of all the treasures he’d accumulated? 

Tim learned to quiet himself; to listen. “The Lord had my attention to the fullest extent,” he says. “At that point I was ready to serve and submit and do whatever He said.” Soon enough, the path became clear and the couple have been living the “nomad life,” travelling the country in a 39’ RV named Theo, ever since. You can hear much more about this life transition on his podcast , “Seek. Go. Create.” (link below). Tim has known highs and lows in both business and life (spiritual and otherwise), which is why I wanted to scoop from  his wisdom and experience when it comes to balancing the two.

Living Out Your Faith in Business

We chatted about  a range of topics but kept coming back to the fundamental question: How do we as business people and entrepreneurs weave faith into our daily mission? Tim thinks the equation easily gets out of whack since our culture and personal ambitions invite us to try controlling what we cannot. Tim has learned instead simply to pause and ask himself, on a daily basis, “What is the assignment you have for me today in your Kingdom?” Rather than making Bible study or church on Sunday morning a discrete part of life, he’s looked for a holistic marriage of his business and spiritual lives. To a great degree, that integration comes back again and again to one very simple act: Listening.

“Get quiet. Listen. See what He says. You’re going to hear that still small voice and then you have your instructions,” says Tim.

Putting Faith into Action

We ran the gamut on topics such as  borrowing versus bootstrapping, compartmentalization versus the integration of faith in our lives, the struggle to discern what matters and how to trust that it’s all part of the journey God intends for us – even when our best efforts go south. With his coaching practice, podcast and writing pursuits more robust than ever, Tim has clearly found his path. He attributes it to an ongoing conversation with the Father – one he maintains throughout his day, every day, not just when he feels challenged or in need of help. 

BOTTOM LINE: Tim’s resounding advice about trying to establish and grow business ventures in a Babylonian world: Quiet yourself in order to find your true “assignment,” in business and in life. “Seek after a relationship with the Father,” says Tim. “That can mean a lot of things but I promise, He wants a relationship and a dialogue which  means turning off devices, TVs, and spending some quiet time with Him.” 

It was so great  to hear Tim’s perspective, so check out the full episode below!


  • Tim shares a little about his life journey, marriage and financial ups and downs.
  • There are different historical systems affecting the world of commerce; it’s important to know where you stand.
  • Redefining success. 
  • Are there debtors in the Kingdom of God?
  • The “fix it” hard-charging business mentality only goes so far.
  • The importance of taking a moment to still yourself and listen.
  • What coaching can provide: Self-awareness and definition of God-given purpose.


  • “I like to reach down inside people and pull out what God placed there at the beginning.”
  • “I’ve got to have conversation with Him all the time. Not just when I need it … “
  • “We’re stewards over the business, the group of people, the financial or physical resources …  and our mission when we’re finished with these things is to turn them back over to the owner – the ultimate owner, which I believe is the Father – in a better condition than we received them.”
  • “We’re gauging God’s hand in our lives by our bank account or how successful our business is and I have learned over time that we have to be very cautious about that.”
  • “The currency of the Kingdom of God is love. Your bank account has very little to do with it.”
  • “It’s what we’re moving towards that is more important than the ‘things’ – stature, titles, roles, responsibilities, influence in culture. But all the ‘things’ are often what we measure success by.”

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