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3 Day Devotional: Change is Good: It’s Part of the Process (Day 2)

Do you ever get pulled into the syndrome of ‘busy-ness’? Do you ever feel as though you need to more, or be more, for God to love you more? Do you ever start to think that you can do this on your own, that you can change yourself by being ‘good’ or being ‘better’?

I know I do. I’m the type of person that likes to fix a problem when I see it. When I do that, sometimes I run ahead and start ‘fixing’ things the way I think they need to be fixed instead of slowing down to find out how God is at work. The real problem is, that no matter what I do to fix it, I can never make myself ‘good’ enough to change how God sees me.

I’ll always be a person, that without Jesus, could never make it into God’s presence. No matter what I do, no matter how ‘good’ I think I am, or can be, nothing is enough to bridge the supernatural gap between me and God. That’s why Jesus came to earth. Only his work on the cross can make a way for me to enter into God’s presence. Only Jesus, and his intercession on my behalf, is enough to cover over my sins, and let God see past it, seeing me as his child.

That doesn’t mean I don’t live out my faith in obedience to his word. James, the brother of Jesus has a great passage in Chapter 2 of his book that talks about faith without action and how it’s meaningless. However, we need to remember that those actions he’s talking about are also meaningless if we think for one second that they’re going to save us, or somehow make God love us more, because they can’t and they won’t.

That process of obedience, growing and making intentional choices to live out our faith is simply an outward manifestation of our love for him. His love for us, and the continuing work of Sanctification that’s taking place in our lives as we surround ourselves with his word and his presence. 

Sanctification is what we call the ongoing process of change that begins on the day we believe, and continues until the day we meet him. It’s a work in progress because we are a work in progress. 

As you go through your day today, look for examples in your life where you’re different now than you used to be. Identity how that change happened and look for God’s handiwork in the process. You may be surprised on how much he’s already done in your life to bring you closer to being the you he created you to be. 

Be amazing,

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