You are currently viewing 3 Day Devotional: Change is Good: It’s Part of the Process (Day 3)

3 Day Devotional: Change is Good: It’s Part of the Process (Day 3)

Matthew 6:33 says:

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

It’s so easy to think that being kind and nice will make us a ‘better’ person. But whose definition of ‘better’ did that come from? 

Of course we want to be kind and nice, those are great character traits to display but as we talked about yesterday, they’re only an outward manifestation of the work God’s spirit is doing inside of us. 

Chasing results isn’t what’s going to help us truly live the life that God designed us for, chasing him and his presence on the other hand will. Why? Because he commanded it. And he knows best because he knows everything! 

When we seek his presence, when we envelop ourselves with his word the continual change that happens slowly in our lives begins to speed up and it’s from that place that we’ll begin to see more outward evidence of the inner change. That’s when we’ll find ourselves transformed, at peace, with clearer perspective and in closer union with Him. 

This is authentic, real sanctification. The process of God changing us and molding us as we seek him, surrender to him and serve him. And the great news is that it starts with one small decision… to seek him and his kingdom. At every opportunity and in every situation. 

Matthew tells us in chapter 6, right after Jesus showed us his blueprint of how to pray, that above everything else we should seek him and his kingdom first, confident that the ‘everything else’ (daily life, necessities etc.) would be taken care of. It’s the same principle at work. 

God doesn’t need us to focus on or concern ourselves as much with the earthly or temporary, no matter how important we think it might be because he’s already concerned himself with it on our behalf! He already knows that those things are needed which is why Jesus said they’d be taken care of. 

What wants, what he asks or even what he recommends, is for us to keep him in first place in our live. In every situation. Inevery thought. In every action. 

Religion says: “I need to be more like Jesus so I’m going to pray more and read my Bible more”. 

Religion says: “I’m a better Christian because I’ve been to Church for 25 years”. 

Jesus says there is no scale. There is no hierarchy. You’re saved by grace, by his work on the cross. Everything else is peripheral. Simply there to help us become more like him.

Concentrate on what you focus on today and see how you can shift that focus away from you and onto Jesus. Don’t judge or measure yourself by what you see on the outside but instead, as you focus on keeping Jesus first in every area of your life look at yourself through the lens of his words alone, and be encouraged that ‘He’s got this and He’s got you’. 

Be amazing,