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Saying Yes to God-Sized Dreams


During this week’s podcast episode, coffee connoisseur and author, Britt Mooney shares with us how a simple coffee business provides extraordinary relief and hope to families in need. Phoenix Roasters is a coffee company located in Atlanta, Georgia that has directly contacted coffee farmers in places such as, Guatemala, Panama, and Honduras. The connection between this coffee company and the non-profit work they do is incredible. Mooney believes that everyone has a God given purpose.


Mooney recounts that his love for writing goes all the way back to the second grade. His passion for story telling is something that God equipped him with from the very beginning. This passion has been able to carry him through the journey of writing “Say Yes: How God Sized Dreams Take Flight”. 

This book was inspired by stories he would tell of the coffee company, Phoenix Roasters, at different conferences or meetings. After being told he should write a book about those stories a million times, he finally did. In addition to telling the story of Phoenix Roasters, Britt also shed light on the stories of others. He mentions,

“We didn’t want to just tell our story, because not everybody is called to plan a church or start a coffee shop. Not everyone is called to do the same THING, but, we are all called to do someTHING.”


One of these stories is about a coffee roaster from Panama, who is one of the top coffee roasters in the world, named Javier. After hearing more about Phoenix Roasters, their non-profit work, and purpose he broke down crying. When asked what was wrong he replied with, “I’ve been asking God why I know what I know. Why am I good at roasting coffee? Why does this matter?”. He felt as if God was answering his questions when Phoenix Roasters found him. After making this connection and relationship with the people from Phoenix Roasters, he agreed to train their roasters “how to make the best coffee in America.” 

Javier then taught the coffee roaster over at Phoenix Roasters, Wes Patterson, how to roast. Now, the coffee farmers in Panama support about 89 missionaries around the country and Central America with the funding provided by Phoenix Roasters. Phoenix Roasters even using their funds to help out the homeless around Atlanta, Georgia, as well as, fight against human trafficking.



Mooney reminds us that “when you start saying yes to God, he is going to bless you and others; that is his plan. “The best way to utilize your God given purpose is to simply start doing it. Whenever you feel you need to do something, whether it be a talent or favorite hobby, that might be God’s way of sharing with you what your purpose is. While you are pursuing your purpose, gain knowledge and skills along the way that will help you progress this purpose in the future. Doors started to open in Mooney’s life with being an author, becoming affiliated with Phoenix Rising, and even during his missions. If you begin to utilize your purpose, He will open doors you least expect.



– Mooney’s background, his God given purpose of becoming an author.
– His affiliation with the coffee shop, Phoenix Roasters, and how their non-profit work has changed lives around the world and America.
– Advice to give to others who want to start utilizing their purpose but don’t necessarily know how.


“If you recognize that you have something that you know is a gift, start doing something with it.”

“Here is the thing about God sized dreams, they always feel too big for us. Because they are. If God gave us dreams that we could conquer, we wouldn’t need Him.”

“God cannot steer a parked car. You’ve got to start moving.”

“When God thought about you, even before you were born, he thought about all the cool stuff He wanted you to do to change the world.”


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