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Balancing Relationships & Business


On this week’s podcast, Mike and Linda talk about balancing business, relationships, and everything in between. The couple knows a bit about having to balance work and personal life, seeing as how they’ve been doing it for the past 27 years! In that time Mike and Linda have started a nonprofit, the Gabriel Foundation, become entrepreneurs and even had a family. This podcast serves as a sequel to season 1’s “Be supported. It takes a village.” So how do they find time to balance work and personal life? Let’s find out.



It was no shock to Linda that when she married Mike, they’d have a life full of adventure. But, it’s no surprise that people need a break. Everyone deserves a day off to spend time with their family, catch up on your favorite show, and relax. Mike and Linda have found that this tremendously helps balance work vs. personal time. This “Sabbath” rule is something the couple have recently started this year and seems to be working out great. Linda also mentions that having patience is key when you are the spouse of a business owner or entrepreneur. 



At the beginning of Mike and Linda’s journey, Mike had a job that required him to travel a bunch. He recalls one of the reasons he stopped was because he felt he and Linda begin to drift apart. Linda recalls this same moment in their lives and explains they both had to make a conscious effort to restore what was lost. They keep this up to the current day by taking walks together.

I’m sure most married couples reading this can point to a time in their marriage where this has occurred. Maybe the situation wasn’t necessarily due to traveling, however, work can unhealthily consume a person. It’s important to re-evaluate how you spend your time and decide to restore a piece of your marriage that was lost to working.



Mike and Linda didn’t have kids right away, believe it or not. They took 10 years being a married couple before children were introduced to the mix. They believe this has allowed them to set up norms that were then introduced to their children when they started a family. Dinnertime was one of those norms. 

Even before having children, Mike and Linda took dinnertime seriously. No devices (sometimes), no distractions, just each other and their conversations. They’ve held up this evening tradition even today. The important lesson to grasp from this is Mike and Linda make time for themselves and their family every night during dinner. It’s important to make this conscious effort and will strengthen a family’s bond over time. Mike has even found ways to introduce his oldest, Troy, to the inner workings of the business. 



Because Mike and Linda moved countries a couple of times, when they came to America, they didn’t feel they had a strong network of people to go into business with. So, they did it themselves. This, of course, is different for every person and every business. They reference the podcast with Matt Potter from, who had four co-founders. Something that Linda remembers from Matt is their business has a special word for conflict; “friction”. He explains that friction is healthy. But it is more important to communicate and work through it.

Mike explains that the best way to deal with relationships with customers is through transparency. Mike and Linda have a knack for being genuine, authentic, and transparent people. They carry this characteristic through their business with each customer they face day-to-day. 



– Introduction to balancing business and relationships. What Mike and Linda have done over 27 years of marriage. 

– The Sabbath rule. What the sabbath rule is and how this has helped restore time lost due to working. How this has strengthened Mike’s relationship with his spouse, family, and even work. Patience is key.

– Business vs. marriage. How to balance time with your spouse when building a business. How to keep your ambition in check by splitting the time with work and your significant other.

– Business vs. family. How to balance having time for your family, significant other, AND work. Life can get busy. It’s important to set aside time every day for everything you’ve got going on.

– Business vs. business partner vs. customers. The importance of communication and transparency within the business world, whether that be with business partners or customers. 



“Our lesson about being ambitious, there is an even flow you have to accept. Sometimes it takes EVERYTHING. I don’t think that’s a bad thing.” – Mike Thakur

“Setting up a business takes time and extra effort, but it is so important that you take that extra time with your significant other.”- Linda Thakur

“No matter what’s going on with business, no matter what’s going on with a start-up, it’s a daily thing to set up time for a relationship important enough.” – Mike Thakur

“Even if you have no interest or understanding in what your spouse is into, this is still a person you love and are in a relationship with. You can still bring incredible value to them and their mental health by being there for them and listening to them.” Mike Thakur

“Our core values help with being transparent with our customers. It gives us something to refer to when making decisions.” – Linda Thakur


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