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Billion Dollar Smile with Dr. Bill Dorfman


This week on the Mike Thakur show, Mike is joined by none other than Dr. Bill Dorfman. Dr. Bill is a cosmetic dentist from Beverly Hills. He has transformed the smiles of Katy Perry, Usher, Hugh Jackman, and that list goes on and on. He was also on the hit TV show, Extreme Makeover, and has been called “The Michael Jordan of Dentistry”. He enjoys working out in his free time and even founded “Zoom” and “Brite Smile”, the teeth whitening products. New York Times bestseller, Guinness world record holder, and knighted by the Royal Order of Constantine, Bill Dorfman has achieved so much. He currently spends his time in a philanthropic endeavor called “Elite Foundation”. 


When Dorfman first started practicing dentistry, he spent his time equally in two different atmospheres of California. In Century City, he worked as an associate alongside an older, more established cosmetic dentist and in Renatta Hills he worked in a local dentist office. Once he found which one appealed more to him, he chose Century City. He was able to gain knowledge from many young professionals who already had experience with the talent agencies around this area. 


During his time in dentistry, Dorfman was able to launch the Leap Foundation. The Leap Foundation is a motivational leader program that teaches kids in high school and college skills they’ll need to be successful in life. The two things he hopes the student walks out with is this:

“Don’t wait for opportunities in life, make them.”

“When you do get an opportunity in life, don’t take it, master it.” 

The first exercise he gives to the kids in the audience is to answer truthfully this question, “When you woke up this morning, you unknowingly placed a number on your head from 1-10, one being the lowest. How many of you put a 10 on you head?”. After not be satisfied with the amount of 10’s he tells him, “You got to dictate what number you put on your head, if it’s not a 10, wipe it off, and right a 10.” He informs the kids that from now on they need to walk like a 10, talk like a ten, and most importantly, surround yourself with 10s. Thus the name, the “10 culture.” 

The Leap program offers kids the chance of a lifetime. The roster of speakers is outstanding. From Anthony Hopkins to Mark Wahlberg, these speakers offer great advice for children in high school and college to follow. 


Bill met his best friend and business partner in a bachelor auction line, with the use to raise money for kids with cancer. Robert knew business and marketing, while Bill knew dentistry. Together they started Discus dental. After this, they started to formulate their teeth whitening “Zoom!”. 

Dorfman was comfortable in his dentistry work when life gave him the biggest break. ABC contacted Dorfman to cast him on “Extreme Makeover”. When he realized his strengths in dentistry did not match that of acting, he didn’t waste time or lose that opportunity. Instead, he focused on the things he needed to work and took acting classes. This way, he learned to be the best version of himself and grew his sales through the promotion of his teeth whitening products on ABC. 


-An introduction to Bill Dorfman. Who he is and what he does. His journey through dentistry and business and his accomplishments. 

-How he got his start in being a famous cosmetic dentist. 

-His foundation, Leap, and what they’re about. How they can help kids in high school and college become successful by teaching them the 10 culture. 

– How he met his business partner and start a company. His time spent on ABC. How this break in life lead him to be a TV personality and a famous cosmetic dentist. 


“The secret to success: work your buns off.” – Bill Dorfman

“Don’t wait for opportunities in life, make them.”- Bill Dorfman

“When you do get an opportunity in life, don’t take it, master it.”- Bill Dorfman

“Learn so you can earn, and then return.”- Bill Dorfman 

“It’s important to be alert and on point, because as an entrepreneur, you never know what opportunity is right in front of you.”- Mike Thakur


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