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Chasing Your Calling with Eric Nevins


This week on the Mike Thakur Show the podcast is all about, well, podcasting. Specifically, how the ministry has taken a new form in the podcast realm. Mike Thakur is joined by Eric Nevins, creator of the Christian podcast “Halfway There”, runs the Christian Podcast Association, and barbecue rib master. Nevins went through school and received a Biblical Studies degree. However, when the ministry world didn’t work out, he turned his attention to entrepreneurship. He then chased his dream of becoming a full-time podcaster spreading the Word of God.


As Christians, we are taught from a young age that God has given us all a purpose in life. Normally, we think this purpose is to serve Him in the church. However, it’s becoming more and more common for people to seek their purpose elsewhere. Ministry is not the only answer for those who want to serve God. In this new age of technology, people are pulled to the internet to spread His word. It is the internet where both Mike and Eric found themselves integrating entrepreneurship and the Gospel, and spreading it to the world. 


The best thing about this new media age, which Eric and Mike agree on, is that there are no rules. There are no gatekeepers, no one who owns your product, no one who tells you what to do. You can create literally anything you want with a couple of pieces of equipment. Eric speaks about how the past 300 years of Christianity have been setting up ministries. However, the next 300 years will be ordinary Christians taking advantage of this new media age, integrate the gospel with whatever their topic is, and that will be how the Word of God continues to spread.


After the ministry world didn’t work out for Eric, he began diving into the business world. It was there that he discovered a passion for podcasts and curating. Like most of us do when we have a dream, Eric started to figure out how exactly he should launch it. He always knew he wanted to create a podcast but wasn’t necessarily sure how he could create profit from this from an entrepreneurial standpoint. 

After some deliberation, he put together the Christians Podcast Association, a place where he could network with other Christian podcasters and better their craft. Within this Association there is a group that meets online called Mastermind. They have a topic every class and members can network off of each other. It’s in this group that he also shares the podcast he started, “Halfway There”. This podcast is Eric’s way of sharing the Gospel online.


Eric references a century ago when Romans built their infrastructure. He recounts that the main way to word of God was spread was on Roman roads. He likes to look at social media as a modern-day Roman road. Although social media can have a reputation for toxicity, it is an opportunity to get your message across. He uses social media as a light, a passageway for the word of God.

The possibilities are endless with the access we have to technology today. It gives people like Mike and Eric the opportunity to minister through a screen, to speak to people about what they are passionate about. 


– The topic of this episode. Who Eric Nevins is and what he does. A short story of his life and how he founded the Christian Podcast Association.

– The future of ministry and how it looks different than how it has always been. Where ministry is headed in terms of spreading the word of God.

– How new age media has helped everyone pursue a career online through podcasts. How this technology allows people to follow along and subscribe to different authors of topics.

– What the Christian Podcast Association is. When and how Eric came up with this idea. How members that are a part of this association are able to network with each other. how he was also able to start a podcast called, “Halfway There”.

-The future of spreading the word of God. How we can utilize modern-day technology to further advance Christianity. 


“My mission is to help as people as I can, use their gifts, and share the Gospel.”- Eric Nevins

“We hold more technology in our hand than what it took to put a man on the moon, that’s incredible to me.”- Eric Nevins

“If something doesn’t work out, that means I just have to try something else, a different way.”- Eric Nevins

“Finding yourself in Christ is not the pinnacle part of your spiritual journey but it is the critical part. This is where you find who you are. If people remember me for that, I can’t think of anything better to be known by.”- Eric Nevins


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