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When There’s Nowhere To Go, Maybe It’s Time To Fight

The story of David and Goliath is as well known as McDonalds (well, maybe somewhere in the ballpark) and this week I recorded my first devotional podcast episode based on a couple of thoughts that hit me as I was thinking about it recently.

We all root for the Davids in whatever situation we find ourselves in. The little guy against the big guy. The small business against the giant corporation. We have this innate desire for the underdog to prevail, which is why this particular story stands out amongst the many found in Scripture.

There’s 2 key thoughts I’d like to focus on from this narrative, that we can apply in our daily lives as we fight the battle of Spiritual Warfare that we’re all going to face as believers. Whether we like it or not.

David didn’t go looking for a battle.
The battle came to him.

We see a shepherd boy, out doing the family errands who stumbles into a battle that in the natural, he has no way of winning. Sound familiar? Have you found yourself in the middle of a battle you didn’t go looking for? Do you hear the taunts of an oppressor, belittling, sneering or pulling you down?

The Bible is clear that we have an enemy as believers. Someone who hates us. Who will do anything to see us fail. Who intentionally works against us at every turn and who never grows tired. We won’t outlast him, we can’t outsmart him and we shouldn’t try to outdo him. He’s been at it for thousands of years and is exceptionally good at what he does. What we CAN do is connect our faith through prayer, with the one who has already beaten him, and let Jesus be Jesus, while we be us.

David didn’t play by the other guy’s rules.

When we join our faith with Heaven, something happens. But not everything. David didn’t stand there and just watch for a lightning bolt to fall from the sky. He also didn’t try and play the game Goliath’s way, on his terms, and on his turf. David knew who he was. He was confident that if God had wanted him to be the best warrior in the world, He would have made sure David joined the military instead of becoming a shepherd. He didn’t because God needed David to have a shepherd’s heart for his future role as king, so David embraced his calling, his training and his skills, and used what he was most comfortable with, knowing God would handle the rest.

If you’re finding yourself in a difficult place right now and have been trying to do things you were never meant to do then let me tell you it’s time to stop. Stop trying to be someone you aren’t no matter what others may say about you and embrace who you are. Be who God made you to be for today. He knew what was coming and if you trust him, then trust that he’s given you everything you need to make it through today with him.

When we stop going it alone, and start walking in unity with God’s spirit in our daily, everyday existence, embracing our skills and gifting and leaning into who God made us, I genuinely believe that’s when we’ll find the most contentment and be the strongest, so that when we stumble into our fight, we’ll come out of it just like David.

To hear more thoughts, take a listen to this week’s podcast.