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Building a Real Friendship

“A real friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out”

I wish I’d said that first, but I didn’t. I borrowed it from someone else, who I wish was my friend. 

We need friends because we were built for conversation, community and human interaction. Right now that’s been tough. As we deal with pandemics, storms and other crazy situations, some of us have seen friends come rushing to help, while others haven’t. Some of us have been great friends, while others of us… maybe not so much.

True friends don’t come in hundreds, they come in ones and twos.

  • They never leave, even if they move away.
  • They never forget, even if we don’t hear from them much.
  • They always have our back, no matter what anyone else is saying.

True friends are awesome and I think you’ll agree, we could all use a few more of them. 

How many of your friends have you spoken to in the last month? How many of them would stick around if you had to challenge them on something they were saying or doing? We’ve arrived at a point where that’s not so appreciated any more but we need real friends to be real, and help us, even if it’s uncomfortable. It’s one way we can learn and grow, into the person God created us to be, instead of the person we stumbled into being. We need that honesty and respect, even if sometimes it’s a little uncomfortable for us. 

If all my friends were to jump off a bridge,
I wouldn’t jump with them.
I’d be at the bottom to catch them.

Anything worth doing, takes time. The best buildings take the longest to build. The best athletes train the most. The best professors studied the hardest and the best friendships are the ones that have the most time invested. There’s no shortcuts no matter what anyone tries to tell you or sell you. 

I want to encourage you today to pause and reflect for a few minutes on your life and the people in it. Who are the real friends, and how many of them are there? Invest time into them. Do dinner (when it’s safe to). Hang out, turn off the devices. Be more than just the random ‘texter’ that says hi. Although that’s great, we can all do a little more. 

It’s the same with Jesus. If we truly want to be friends with Him and want Him to be friends with us, 30 seconds a week talking to Him and even less reading His word isn’t enough. We’ve got to commit to more. Invest more. Because he told us to seek him, and I don’t think he was kidding.

He’s not a Spiritual Santa that we ‘fall out’ with when things go wrong. It’s not his fault when things don’t go our way. He’s an infinitely better and more trustworthy friend for sure, but He never promised to bail us out of every situation. He never promised that by befriending Him our life would be perfect for evermore.

What He did promise is that He would never leave us no matter what. That He’d always be there for us, until the day we get to hang out with Him face to face. 

Be Amazing,