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Talking to Jesus (Elevation Worship)

Prayer. It’s that thing we all talk about but somehow never find as much time as we’d like to really do well. Or maybe it’s just me. But today I heard the new song by Elevation Worship that’s based on the life and experience of Stephen Furtick, their pastor. And what a song it is.

Prayer changes everything, it just seems to work slowly. I know there’s times when instant things happen, but in my experience at least, it seems that prayer is like a crock pot. You know it’s gonna be awesome once the dinner is ready, but boy oh boy does it take a while to cook.

I loved this part of the song where he talks about his 15 year old son and how it wasn’t an interruption for him to pop his head in the room while he was praying. Kudos Stephen, kudos. I’m guilty as charged of feeling interrupted by the kiddos when I’m praying 😱.

I’ve got three of my own now, trying to raise them up right
My oldest is fifteen, and I remember what that was like
Trying to deal with the drama, trying to figure out the questions in life
And I’ve been looking for a way to show him, how to make it alright

Then he walked in my room, while I was saying my prayers the other night
He said, “I’ll come back later, I can tell you got a lot on your mind”
I said, “It’s not an interruption, you couldn’t have picked a better time
‘Cause I was just talking to Jesus, come over and give it a try”