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Devotionals Who Am I - Mike-Thakur

Who am I?

Who Am I? Words. They’re an interesting concept. They contain incredible power and yet we use them so frivolously. They’ve so valuable and yet so

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That's My King

That’s My King

A long time ago… In a galaxy far, far away (England) I heard a prayer on a tape recording that someone captured at a Church

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Devotionals Born Free - Mike Thakur

Born Free

As a child, I remember a heartfelt movie about a lion cub whose parents were killed. She was taken in and raised by a couple

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Easter Victory - Jesus Defeats Satan

The Winner Takes it All…

On May 26th 1999 something special happened at Camp Nou, a soccer stadium in Barcelona, Spain. The European Champions League Soccer Final, a tournament that

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Where are you planted?

Paul wrote a letter to Timothy in the New Testament where he talks about all of Scripture being useful for teaching and training (2 Tim.

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Encourage and Inspire


People. We’re a wonderful creation. Some people you love, some people you love a little less (!). Some people you choose to include in life,

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Ready for overflow?

I’m not the sentimental type. ‘Special days’ don’t stand out through the focus of hustling and growing a business but for this new year, (which

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