I make content surrounding the things I'm passionate about, currently it's business and tech! 


I'm a 7x startup founder and an award-winning CEO . My coworking space was voted #1 in its city. 

impact chaser

I love using my entrepreneurial ventures to drive kingdom impact that changes lives.

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I’m one of Houston’s ‘Most Admired CEOs’ (thanks WorkLodge), a Guinness World Record participant and believer that the best way to impact others is through the power of entrepreneurship.

I started out in the UK as co-founder of an internet company before the internet was cool (pre-google!), and have flip-flopped between corporate gigs (led sales teams producing almost $100 million to COO of the Secret Service for Billionaires) and non-profit / impact related roles. 

A while back, I moved the fam to Texas and have loved it here ever since; which is why I talk ‘funny’! 

I believe entrepreneurship is the fundamental way to impact our communities, and you can’t do that without tech, which is why I love them both.

I’m here to make more friends who also want to ‘Be Amazing’ and impact those around to make sure EVERYONE lives the life they were born to live.

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"Mike's positive attitude stands out in a world of gurus that often exude style over substance. Love his blend of entrepreneurial smarts and real-life advice...and his guests are top-notch. Highly recommended!"


"Mike does a great job getting to the heart of merging purpose and entrepreneurship. Such a great podcast!."


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Quotable Quotes


"Our lives were created to be the canvas of God's artistry that the world sees."

"Profits were never yours to spend anyway, God's already spent them."

"I spent years chasing my "dream" before realizing that my dream was a nightmare and wasn't God's dream at all."

"Being generous sounds great, but only if you've got something to be generous with."

"Most people don't need handouts. They need opportunities."

"They believed in a Church first, everything else second model. I believed in a marketplace first, everything else second model."

"Create a business or work in one it doesn't matter, as long as you help one live out its God-ordained DNA.

"Instead of taking from the kingdom, he was giving back to it while at the same time being creative, just like his heavenly dad."

"The infrastructure that connects us and allows us to pour into so many people is owned through commerce and business."