Bob Goff - New York Times bestselling author says, ‘If you want to create change that benefits the Kingdom, Mike Drop is a must read.’


Mike’s passion for kingdom focused entrepreneurship will impact anyone with a heart for embracing God’s plan to change the world through missions. His unique understanding and practical application of biblical principles of multiplication has allowed him to break free from today’s model of burying the one talent in a hole for the sake of creating self-serving empires. 

Mike Drop is a refreshing return to the very beginning of God’s creative design for growing His kingdom. Jesus is not a cultural commodity, and if you want to see real change, you’re going to have to embrace His original design. Mike Thakur walks you through the entire process of entrepreneurial kingdom building with Scripture, successful business practices and cordial humor. 

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“This book is for Christian Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, & anyone else who sees the world and senses God’s heart pulling them to touch it with His love.”

— Mike

Taylor Hiott - 5.0 out of 5 stars 

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 Andy M. Hawari - 5.0 out of 5 stars 
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Mike Drop is inspiring and encouraging yet challenges the way the we have been doing it. We are all called to serve God and that may be as teachers, leaders an possibly pastors in the church but additionally in the workplace especially as business leaders.