The Super-Man w/ Mike Thakur

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The Super-Man

In 1978 I was just a wee lad, when a movie came out that changed the landscape of film-making forever. They made a man look as though he really could fly.

We all know the movie Superman, the idea that there is one man who is ‘Super’, better, superior in every way to the rest of us and that this one person will change things.

Because he can.

For good.

There’ve been countless other movies along this same idea, Batman. Iron Man. Pretty much every modern day superhero tale. But what they all have in common yet never fail to address, is the reality they paint in which the rest of us accept the need for a savior.

We dream up these characters because we know something is wrong. And we know that on our own, we aren’t going to be able to fix it.

We know something needs to change. And we know that on our own, we aren’t going to be able to change it.

We know deep down that if there was a man who existed outside the standard parameters of a human being, that person would be worth supporting, following and shouting about to others.

Ultimately, they all have their root in the Bible, in Jesus, the original ‘Super-Man’. The one person who was different than the rest of us. The one person who could defy gravity by walking on water. The one person who could defy death by bringing people back to life before ultimately doing the same for Himself.

You see Jesus really is the savior.

Not created by us, but the creator of us.

He’s the one who know how to save us, when to save us and from what He’s saving us and it’s incredible as we approach Easter this year that the world looks like it does, when we have a superhero right here, standing by to jump in and help if we’d only ask him to, and then listen to what he says from that point forward.

I want to encourage you today to think about Jesus just a little more than yesterday. See him as the savior and superhero that He is. Think about that status He earned for just a moment or two and throw up a little worship to the only one who’s worthy.

Let’s get back to the simplicity of loving Jesus, and worry less about being busy, and doing stuff ‘for’ Him.