feed the 5 thousand

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areas of focus


With our friends at Love Does, we were able to help complete an infrastructure project to help the almost 1400 students at Restore International's Uganda campus, providing safety and security to everyone.

feeding program

Since 2012, we’ve partnered with other local profits to receive and distribute over $10,000,000 of fresh food to Houston families.

clean water

Since 2018, we’ve been building water wells that serve over 50 villages and 2,500 people with fresh, clean water to drink and grow their own crops. Every well built also includes a lifetime warranty so they’ll never be without again.

childrens homes

Our 1st major project turned into multiple projects that saw children’s homes built in India, each staffed with loving ‘parents’ to shape the lives of 150 children in our generation.

Peek Inside:
Childrens Homes

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to house 50 children while also providing for them in so many different ways, take a peek inside our very first home and enjoy the experience of its opening day.

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Why Homes?


Kids develop differently when they’re surrounded by love. So we do that. Loving on them with two sets of house parents at each of the homes we’ve built.


Kids need to feel safe. They need to go to sleep at night not anxious or worried about what might happen.


Kids need to learn. Grow. And develop in an environment that fosters just that, without the pressures of going out to work or beg, just to stay alive. 


Not every child is an orphan, although many are. All the children do however, come from an environment where family is missing, whether through circumstance, choice or otherwise. We wanted to fix that. Because family matters.

Peek Inside:
Clean Water

When we heard the story, we had to get involved. Here’s the very first well we built.

We’ve built a few more since.

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Why Water?


Water is life. You’ve heard it. We’ve heard it. It’s the truth. It’s the #1 source of nutrition for people, not least because we’re made up more from water than anything else.

A lack of hydration causes physiological issues that ultimately result in death. We figured this made it the best place to start.


A lack of clean drinking water equals sickness and disease. Cholera, typhoid and hepatitis A are just 3 of the major diseases most commonly linked to contaminated water. All preventable, by providing clean water.


Clean water = better food. Instead of using contaminated water to farm that promotes more sickness & disease, clean water has the opposite effect.

It helps things grow bigger, quicker, not only benefiting people directly, but fueling enterprise as farmers generate more revenue, faster, improving their lives even more.


This time, we’re talking external health. Just as contaminated water ingested affects people internally, washing and wearing clothes washed in disease ridden water does the same externally. Skin disease is rampant in developing nations. Contaminated water is why.

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