The Gabriel Project

We're nothing without love...

I know what you’re thinking… No, it’s not named after one of our children or anything like that. The Gabriel Project is named after the Angel Gabriel.  One of only two angels mentioned in the Bible!  We’re a faith-driven, goal focused  501c3 ministry on a mission to change lives through meaningful, self-sustaining ways.

Generously supported by our primary donor, WorkLodge who covers 100% of operating costs.

Our sole purpose is simply to help the unloved, overlooked and unwanted in society.

What we Do

We manage our own in-house projects, as well as work with a select few nonprofits who have the same core values. Our mission is to change lives in our community and beyond.


Children Housed & cared for


fresh Meals donated


gallons of clean water provided


Children's Homes

Over very 1st project and it’s one we’ll always remember. Enjoy a peek into a children’s home built for about 50 children in central India, opened in 2017.

Fresh Water Wells

Since 2018, we’ve provided water wells to over 50 villages that now have fresh, clean water to drink and grow their own crops. Every well built includes a lifetime warranty so they’ll never be without again.